Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 18, 2015

Today is the first day of my 12 week class, so once again I needed to wear a 
fashionable ensemble to dazzle my new students.
Unfortunately, I was ridiculously rushed and totally unfashionable.
Grade; C-

Accessory Close-up
Blue leather shoes by Coach that I LOVE but, seriously make me over 6 feet tall
Gold bling bracelets and earrings by Kate Spade
Very vintage silk scarf from a thrift store.

…and at the last minute I added this happy face pin to my lapel.
At least that made me happy!

February 11, 2015

Never seen my legs look THIS short!
Want my skirts to reach my knees but, not sure how flat heels work with the length…
What I do love is that my acid green t-shirt is semi-transparent 
and I wore a striped tank under. 
Looked very Urban Outfitter.

Accessory Close-up
Favorite scarf I sewed into a circle, no idea where I got it.
Misc. bangle bracelets and teeny, tiny silver earrings ( little obsessed with little earrings )
New extremely well made manly leather loafers that were SUPER reduced in price

Off on a Sunday adventure

And apparently I can't get enough of these burgundy skinny corduroy jeans.
Love them with my funky silver tip slip-ons

Going to speak to the Dana Point Youth Board

February 4, 2015

Settling into my groove of casual pants and t-shirt.
Instead of skinny jeans these are the baggy boyfriend cut.
Definitely adds 10 lbs… or is the Girl Scout cookies ??

Accessory Close-up
Favorite brown leather sandal shoes from Steinmart
Leather belt that I stupidly shortened by cutting the end off :(
Beautiful 1960 brand earrings gift from my girlie
New to me vintage necklace from favorite resale store

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Back to School

This is my very important first class,
first impression outfit.
When you teach in the fashion department 
you just know the students are looking at your fashion sense.

The skirt is a gray pinstripe and I really like the length.
I give this outfit a grade of B.

This is the second week of class and 
I am loving these pants!!
Are they long shorts? 
Short long pants?
Or just fashion forward.

Of course my pants are not as 
as these pants!!
Gotta get me some.

Accessory Close-up
New leather shoes from Banana Republic after-Christmas sale $19.99 !
Gold and silver bracelet bling
Bezel set seashell ring I made 
Gold drop earrings from Nordstrom (?)

Parties, Meetings and Classes...Oh My!

In a blur of activities I completely abandoned documenting what I was wearing.

Although after an extremely enjoyable two day hat blocking workshop at 
Jill Courtemanche Millinery studio in Solano Beach... 

I was wearing a big grin AND my newest hat.

And my hubster was appalled when I put on these winter white pants
 for my his gathering of old schoolmates. 

But, he got over it pretty quickly.

And then the very well financed state committee I was on had the
end of the year wrap up 
party at Downtown Disney

It was very, festive and beautiful

and terrifying!! 
Not just the rides but, it turns out this was ground zero time
for the Disneyland measles outbreak.

Swapped gifts and gossip with my dear friend.

Got an inside pass to a GIGANTIC Art and Craft Trade show at
Anaheim Convention Center.

Most fun trade show ever!
So much amazing swag and incredible activities with freebies.

And since I was still on my winter break from work I decided to commit
to a once a week class in Los Angeles.

parking was almost as expensive as the classes!

For one,


three weeks of classes !!
But, I still love LA.

Nice quick trip to the desert to warm my soul.
Someday I would love to own a home down there in Borrego Springs.

Don't ask me how or why I had to attend a Sunday afternoon 
fundraiser for the Dana Point Symphony.
But, you can ask why I was dressed like such a sad sack.
The answer: I just wasn't feeling it.

But, a night out with the girls got me all dolled up in my new Kate Spade coat 
that was 60% off at their outlet store.
Still a little expensive for a coat...

And I don't think I could dress any more casually for an Advisory Board meeting
for OC Department of Education Professional Learning Committee for FASHION !

Tried real hard to be stylish and cute for a giant annual quilt show with my mom.
She had to introduce me to lots of people so I didn't want to embarrass her.

Didn't make any quilts but, I did make a cute little pink birdie luggage tag :)

Feeling my fringe from my top to my booties.
Who cares what Arts Commissioners wear anyways!

Pretty boring outfit underneath but,
styling again in my new Kate Spade coat.
Going to see my friend Nancy get the award for 
Dana Point Citizen of the Year!

Congratulations to Nancy Jenkins

Happy days!
Am back in San Francisco at my friend
Wayne Wicherns millinery studio at 
Peninsula Museum of Art.

And am wearing a nuno felted wrap that I bought 
at a juried art show $$

because nuno felt was the technique that was being taught 
in the workshop at Wayne's studio!

Lots of wool roving, soapy water and manual agitation.
It wasn't fast but, it was fun. 

And the second day the instructor,
the impressive felt master Heidi Paul,
taught how to use wool, water, and a ball  
to make...

a wool hat blank!
And the blank can be shaped into any style hat.
This is my finished hat .

If you care that I now have another hat to wear !

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy Ho Ho Holidays

How to start a highly enjoyable, high calorie beginning of the Christmas season!!
High tea with my Mom at the Mission Inn in Downtown Riverside, CA

and put a pair of glasses on me and I look a whole like my wonderful Mom of all Moms.

No problem keeping it weird because I am anything but normal :)

And what better place to get festive than the crowded streets of San Francisco
over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving because Ruth Chris cooked it and did all the clean up :)

Finally started my Christmas shopping on the crazy busy shopping Friday after Thanksgiving.
It is always a blast navigating the crush of people in the city.

Another highlight of spending ( and $pending ) the weekend in San Francisco is 
the gorgeous giant Christmas tree in Union Square 
that gets light up on the day after Thanksgiving. 

And of course these are the two highlights of ALL visits to San Francisco.

And then before you knew it;
Christmas !!!

and some really great gifts

and really great treats

and a really great family.

Two days later we were posing for my selfie stick that my girlies gave to me for Christmas

Did I forget to mention we were in Hawaii :)

and again with really great treats

and wholesome family activities...

and some not so wholesome New Year celebrating. LOL

And nothing beats wearing just a bathing suit in January when 
everyone else you know is freezing their booties off !

ALOHA 2015